photo by Nicola T.

photo by Nicola T.

“I’m a punk kid,” says Aaron North to a Spin correspondent. “I think when you clean something up, you kill it.”

Spin’s been hot on the investigative music journalism scene these days, and their new long form is another interesting swig of what’s happening elsewhere that follows defunct Nine Inch Nails touring guy Aaron North, whose introspective head has seemingly lead him down a path of anti-depressants and accomplishment that carries the tagline “before he was 30.”

Read on, intrigued, as North gives a ‘what is that?’ to Greg Ginn’s latest touring drummer, checks his literary heroes and their bars, and generously expends here-there history bits on the avant-gardes who hustled in and scored an ornery Hollywood in a time before it afforded itself the Middle-America moniker:

L.A. Blues: Aaron North’s Sad Descent From Nine Inch Nails to Nowhere



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