It’s no secret that skateboarding is the most badass thing ever.

It’s for those individualists who never had to rely on a team member to succeed, who walk to the beat of their own drum. Historically, the act of riding a skateboard has been perceived as a middle-finger to parents, teachers, cops, old people, and other figures of authority who are slow, lame, and overbearing.

Fuck them!

It’s cool to be anti-establishment, and everybody knows it. A well-worn Thrasher sweatshirt trumps liberty spikes when it comes to parading your edginess.

Many aspects of skateboarding have been consumed by a society that attempts to appropriate the effortlessly cool style of the skateboarder. Still, there are many aspects of these “skaters” which remain mysterious to the commonman. How does the board stick to their feet when they jump? Why aren’t they wearing helmets? More importantly, what music are they listening to while they’re out there riding around, showing off? Is it cool?

The B-Side investigates:

Leland is listening to: Floor by Meat Market (and the rest of Meat Market’s Dig Deep album), and “Milk” by Icytwat.


Jake is listening to: “4 da Gang” by Future, and “Sleepwalk” by Santo & Johnny.


Chris (pictured right) is listening to: Wu-Tang Clan.


Zo is listening to: “Aruarian Dance” by Nujabes.


Seth is listening to: “Pray for ‘Em” by Meek Mill.


Zack is listening to: Turnover, Dr. Dog, Super Slimey by Future & Young Thug, and “Beach Foam” by Future Islands.


Raj is listening to: “Streetz Tonight” by AraabMusik, and instrumental jazz playlists on Spotify.

Article and Photos by Mateo Savala



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