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Scavenger Hunt at Rickshaw Stop

Although pervasive fog can often create a dream-like dullness across our balmy city, it was hardly the case Thursday night in San Francisco when Scavenger Hunt, Blondfire, and STRFKR graced the stage at Rickshaw Stop.

LA-based electronic dance unit Scavenger Hunt projected good feelings and 80s nostalgia across the crowd, and got them moving with an upbeat sound and synths. Lead singer Jill Lamoureux and keyboard player Dan Mufson continued to capture everyone’s interest with catchy vocal trade-offs and delayed guitar riffs.

They covered Disclosure’s “Latch,” and played the Daft Punk-inspired “Dreamers” to keep the room abuzz.



Blondfire saw the night’s energy level and raised it by capitalizing on the mystique of guitar-playing frontwoman Erica Driscoll. Building momentum from Scavenger Hunt’s comparatively more mellow set, the four-piece synced tightly to execute huge choruses and high-energy jams. The band closed their set with “Where the Kids Are,” a recognizable melody from Blondfire’s February debut Young Heart. The hit excited the audience and marked the peak of the performer-audience chemistry that night.

The dip in momentum is attributable to an unfulfilled hope of unique tunes from the headliner. Shortly after Blondfire, two of the members of electro-indie group STRFKR ascended the DJ booth and played a varied selection of dance songs from some of the biggest artists in the field, minus their own songs.

It was a tease to the majority of Rickshaw patrons who hoped to hear some original STRFKR remixes that night. Their DJ spot nevertheless kept the Thursday alive as the dreamy fog descended outside.

Article by Conner Smith



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