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After a two-and-a-half year wait, The Black Keys have given us a taste of what is to come on their next album Turn Blue. The record is set for a May 13th release.

Shrouded in mystery, “Fever” broadcasts to the public a cryptic video. The single captivates the listener and sparks curiosity within long-time fans; anticipation for Turn Blue will surely bubble over the brim. Steady bass and atypical, synth-backed guitar riffs shadow lead singer Dan Auerbach’s hypnotic vocals on the track. With a more structured beat on behalf of Patrick Carney, The Black Keys are falling into a new groove with emphasis on crisp, cohesive production. From 2011’s El Camino, The Black Keys have extended a sense of stylistic and thematic maturity, of tight cleanliness, which is reflected on “Fever”. Concurrently, their listeners have grown in numbers.

While hard-liners may bemoan the loss of the more raw, bluesy elements of earlier works, I commend The Black Keys for their drive to refine their sound to reach new audiences and fields. With lines such as “fever, I’m a slave to” and “wouldn’t leave you if I could,” the lyrical content parallels the imagery of hypnosis that surround this work and hints at an almost willful paralysis at the hands of uncontrollable forces. With all of the momentum building behind the floodgates of this release, I can’t wait to see how The Black Keys answer the many questions about the future of their sound.

Article by Conner Smith



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