Transcendence is a bold concept and curious state, but Tycho’s showing this past Thursday at the Fox Theater in Oakland took us there, if not pretty close. The resonance of the venue, allowed the lower frequencies of Scott Hansen’s ambient downtempo to travel across the floor and the pleasant, blissful reverb of upper-range melodies to soar.

Pastel lighting and scenic landscapes on three huge monitors served as a backdrop, assaulting fans with a multi-sensory experience. Tycho brought positive vibes and smiling faces to the array of fans clinging to the front of the stage and on the balcony alike. With an easygoing stage demeanor, Hansen and his three band members’ composure matched that of the crowd — we ascended in a mutual, induced tranquility.

Tycho’s return to the Bay for the final date of their tour was not unlike previous hometown shows, but this did not discount the experience. Reunited and made whole with loyal subjects, they were the triumphant rulers of a pastel sound paradise Thursday night.

Article and photos by Chris Redman



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