Although this show’s lineup technically consisted of three bands, the reality is that the Zombies in America tour is a 6-for-3 deal. Andrew McMahon takes us on a tour through his musical journey, taking obligatory detours at some of our favorite places. You’re not just at an Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness concert, but you’re also at a Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate concert, too. Whether you’re like me and remember “Dark Blue” from your elementary school days, or you were a fan of Andrew during his time in Something Corporate, this show was spectacular.

Night Riots‘ set was nothing short of theatrical. At one point, they turned down the lights and started banging on their drums with glow-in-the-dark drumsticks. The crowd went wild and I heard someone say excitedly, “I feel like I’m in a club.” In the middle of playing “Back to Your Love,” Night Riots cut the music and abruptly fell to the ground. Travis Hawley (vocalist) commented,”We’ve never had carpet on the stage before. Now I don’t want to get up.” But they jumped right back in, giving the crowd an electric performance.

Next, Atlas Genius hit the stage with their song “If So.” At the end of their second song, “Stockholm,” they transitioned into the intro of “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine, which got everyone bobbing their heads. Their last song, the hit “Trojans,” featured an intro that everyone’s familiar with and lyrics that took everyone back to 2011.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness hit the stage with “Fire Escape,” his latest single off of Zombies on Broadway (2017). Andrew takes crowdsurfing to another level by doing it often and doing it in style. In the middle of singing “High Dive,” he brought out the rubber duck and floated across the crowd, but he wasn’t done there. Before closing the set, he brought out an inflatable dragon and made his way to the back of the pit just to hug a fan standing on a level above it.

After playing a few songs from his two most recent albums, Andrew said, “I’m going to take you back. The year was 2005.” Everyone immediately knew “Dark Blue,” one of Jack’s Mannequin’s biggest hits, was up next. The crowd erupted in screams and proceeded to sing along to every word. Andrew tapped into his punk rock roots by singing “I Woke Up in a Car,” Something Corporate’s most popular song.

He thanked the crowd for sharing this night with him and leaving all their troubles at the door. Conveyed through Andrew’s songs, words, and carefree, yet high-energy, performance was a message of hope and living in the moment. He closed the show with “Cecilia and the Satellite” and a blast of celebratory confetti.

Article and photos by Desiree Diaz



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