1. The “that was a bad relationship anyways”: “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” – Wet (Don’t You, 2016)

This indie classic is the one you blast when you’re finally done with your significant other’s shit–because who doesn’t reach that point eventually? They don’t treat you right; you’re better off without them; you honestly just “don’t wanna be [their] girl” anymore. (Sending these lyrics in a text as a break-up method is not recommended but does get points for pure savagery.)

2. The “someday you’ll find someone that appreciates you”: “Baby Blue” – King Krule (6 Feet Beneath the Moon, 2013)

Ah, the unrequited love. Let Archy Marshall’s guitar reverb and deep, smooth voice lull you into a warm embrace of anguished empathy as he croons about the “baby blue” that didn’t love him back. Shout along as he sings, “Girl I could’ve been someone to you,” because you totally could’ve been, if only they gave you the chance. But don’t worry too much. Eventually, you’ll find the one who appreciates the brilliance that is you. The one who actually deserves you “painting the skies blue” for.

3. The “remember the good times, but it’s over now so move on”: “Some Things Last A Long Time” – Beach House (Devotion, 2008)

Okay, so maybe your relationship wasn’t toxic or one-sided. Maybe it was (actually) a good relationship, with great memories. But sadly, it’s over now. Reminiscing is all well and good, but it ended for a reason. Never forget the strings of unanswered texts near the end, the emotional/physical stress of late-night fights into the early morning, and the five times a day that you check their social media feed in a desperate attempt to keep holding on to something that’s not there anymore. And–as Victoria Legrand’s haunting voice tells us–now’s the time to move on.

4. The “I’m tired of hookup culture”: “Lover’s Spit” – Broken Social Scene (You Forgot it in People, 2002)

If you’re into hookup culture, that’s great, more power to you. For those of you that are tired of it, Canadian indie dream collection Broken Social Scene is right there with you. It’s time to stop “swallowing words while giving head,” ignoring what you really want and settling for what’s easy (and meaningless) to get. It’s alright to want more. It’s not alright to pretend what you have is more than it is–or to pretend that you’re ok with having less than you want. As Kevin Drew defeatedly puts it, “You know it’s time that we grow old and do some shit.”

5. The “you deserve whatever relationship you was”: “Water Me” – FKA Twigs (EP2, 2013)

Maybe you thought your transient nothing could be more, but it never got there. You’re not alone. FKA Twigs leaves us a reminder, that it’s totally fine to be “stuck with” yourself, and that if your significant other thinks what you want in a relationship is a “fee,” you didn’t need them anyways. Remember, what you felt and what you wanted were real to you, and were therefore valid. Ultimately, don’t forget that the only one that most deserves and needs your love is you. No one else compares. (Except maybe Twigs.)

Article by Vivian Chen

Artwork by Lillian Tran



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