All rock ‘n’ roll ruffians Chain and the Gang are shedding everything from sentiments to irrelevant sounds on their upcoming full length, Minimum Rock ‘n’ Roll, says their new psychotropic video teaser, released yesterday.

“Why pay more for unneeded rhymes?” challenges the reverberating voice of frontman Ian Svenonius in the video. “With Chain and the Gang, there are no excursions. No diversions. No trip to the moon.”

Next-to-nothing-ness is the premise of the record, explained Svenonius in a fists-up statement:

“MINIMUM ROCK N ROLL is a challenge to all the tiresome groups with no content, no heart, no soul, no direction, who parade around like mediocres onstage with an inherited diagram of acceptable behavior. What are they striving towards? A slot at a festival? Chain & the Gang want it all. They want justice in this universe and the other ones in the other dimensions. And that starts with aesthetic justice. MINIMUM ROCK N ROLL is naked, raw, catalyst, creepy, crazy, cretinous…”crime rock”. Minimum Rock n Roll uses fewer beats, fewer words, fewer ideas … “why pay more for unneeded words rhymes and riffs?” is the philosophy behind the album. It’s a purely distilled rejection of the indie rock prescription for enforced brain dead, artless mediocrity.”

Not convinced of this prowess of Minimum‘s restraint? Let lady in blonde Fancy Graham reveal to you the things that won’t be on this LP:

Out on Fortuna POP! April 15, this will be record four for the crime rockers, comprised of aforementioned D.C.-band veteran Svenonious, best known for doing time in rag tag collectives The Nation of Ulysses, Make Up, Cupid Car Club and Weird War, and fellow Metropolitan scenester Katie Alice Greer.

Get ahead of yourself about it with all twelve of the sassy track names listed below.

1. Devitalize
2. Never Been Properly Loved
3. I’m a Choice (Not a Child)
4. Stuck in a Box
5. Got to Have it Every Day
6. Fairy Dust
7. Mums the Word
8. Crime Don’t Pay
9. What R U In Here For
10. Minimum Rock N Roll
11. Curtain Pull
12. Everything Worth Getting is Gone

And if you’re hanging out in Europe this summer hit up one of their tour dates.

21.05 Prague, Pilot Klub
22.05 Trier, Exhaus
23.05 Metz, Trinitaires
24.05 Tours, Temps Machine
27.05 Liverpool, The Kazimier
28.05 Glagow, Broadcast
29.05 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
30.05 London, Tufnell Park Dome
31.05 Antwerpen,  New Scheld’apen
03.06 Bordeaux, Festival Relâche w/ Kid Congo + Dum Dum Girls
10.06 Ravenna, Hana Bi
13.06 Brescia, Lio Bar
15.06 Munich, Kafe Kult
18.06 Berlin, Privatclub
19.06 Hambourg, Uebel & Gefährlich
20.06 Aalborg,1000fryd
25.06 Helsinki, Kuudes Linja

Article by Audrey Gertz



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